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Resistance strength upsurge to Antimicrobial treatment of Shigella among Men

Antimicrobial Resistance of Shigella among Men Who Have Sex with Men in NYC. Public health officials are investigating a cluster of illnesses in gay and bisexual men after two people have died from the bacterial disease, shigellosis. • Shigella infections with decreased-reduced suscep
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The Advantages of Herbal Vitamins and Herbal Supplements

Herbal nutritional supplements and herbal vitamins are consumed all over the world in huge volumes and for many different reasons. The advantages that come from these natural supplements have a list as long as the reason from general health needs to specific health needs. Natural supp
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First None Wired New Pacemaker approval by FDA

The United states. Food and Drug Administration today approved the first cardiac pacemaker that does not require wired -needless pacemaker-. The device, known as the Micra Transcatheter Pacing System works like other pacemakers to influence heart pace. But it is a self-contained impla
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Evidence of Tumeric or Turneric contamination discovery

lab has found contamination body parts rodent Tumeric Turmeric Cumin

Evidence of Tumeric or Turneric contamination discovery in gel caps. Many Americans on daily basis, take turmeric to shorten turmoil, inflammation and improve memory, but a recent on what else be possibly be in the feeding bottle turned into abdomen. The sampling of test laboratory in
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Article contributors include:

Paul Ganjian, D.D.S. MA
Paul Ganjian is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Dental Medicine in New York, where he received his Doctoral Degree. He further completed his hospital residency at Cornell University Hospital in New York. He pursued further training in cosmetic dentistry at LVI and then attended New York University where he completed his training in Dental Implantology. In addition, Dr. Ganjian has completed level II Invisalign’s certification program for orthodontics. Read more about Dr. Paul Ganjian
Benjamin Ganjian, D.D.S.
Benjamin Ganjian graduated from SUNY Stony Brook, where he received his Doctoral Degree. He completed his residency at Long Island College Hospital. Ben completed his post-doctoral in Orthodontics from Progressive Orthodontics. He is a winner of the Howard Hughes Research Foundation. He is a Golden Key Honor Society winner for his research in Cell-membrane Receptors. Read more about Dr. Ben Ganjian